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St. Julien Park in Brossard -Phase 2


Broussard has been working on a nice big recreational complex of their own over the paste few months called St. Julien Park and it’s located off St. Nazaire Road. Why haven’t I posted about this already? Resources, that’s why. However, I have a resource now, and they have provided nice drone footage of the park to share with you. Here are some takeaways about this new, “second to none”, park in Brossard. The St. Julien park will have concession facilities, baseball, softball, soccer and football fields; plus tennis and basketball courts. If you have furry friends, dogs, they will have both large & small dog parks, too. Feel like biking, or walking? The park will have paths for you to ride, or walk on while you enjoy views of the man-made lakes. Here is what really struck my fancy, an amphitheater. Yup, the new park will have an amphitheater with lawn style stadium seating for different performances that will be held there.

Check out the videos of the park below from the City of Broussard.
Thanks to Billy H. for the video link and info!


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