Sneak peek inside of Smashburger


A sneak peek inside of the new Smashburger that is opening soon in front of Whole Foods on Ambassador. Located at 4232 Ambassador Suite #103, Smashburger uses a handmade ball of 100% Grass fed Angus beef that is smashed on a buttered grill to sear in flavor. After the initial smash, the meat is then seasoned and cooked to temp. I thought they smashed the burger all throughout the cooking process, but I was corrected. Smashburger doesn’t only serve burgers either, they serve up a mean smashchicken sandwich(grilled or crispy), salads and fries of all kinds, even veggie frites. They also serve hand-spun shakes which is great, because I will actually base my eating decision on certain desserts offered. Okay, I’m done talking. I hope you enjoy the photos, and be sure to check out for the opening date for Smashburger.


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