Scott Commcerial Park on Apollo Road


A new Commercial Park is taking shape in Scott on Apollo Road just South of the round-a-bout. Is that how you spell? Anyways, Scott is starting to grow in pretty quickly, as is Carencro and the other neighboring cities around Lafayette. Scott is now stranger to commerical parks, just look at the frontage road off I-10, that is one big commercial paradise right there! Tons of oil field businesses, and mixed in there are good hard working locals that help make Lafayette parish great. Plenty more is headed Scott’s way, we just need to be patient. Oh, and please stop asking about Walmart you guys! I only know so much, and even if I knew about a Walmart, whether it’s Scott or Carencro, I can’t say anything until it is public knowledge. I love you guys, but calm down, lol.  

Thanks to Amanda for providing info and a photo!


Photo below provided by: Amanda  



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