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Rain Garden, Music Instrument Library Made Possible Through 24 Hour Citizen Project


Many moons ago, we shared a local crowdfunding site called, which helped make the YLafayette ‘LAFAYETTE’ letters in Parc Sans Souci, and the Hydrate Lafayette initiative possible. — See YLafayette letter construction photo below…Photo courtesy of 24hourcitizenproject.

Fast forward a few years later, and the website is now rebranded as

If you have been to Girard Park, and noticed an interesting rock-bed with plants, then that is the Rain Garden—one of the many projects made possible through 24HCP. — See photo below.

Another really cool project that has been made possible is the M.I.Brary, located inside of Downtown’s Public Library. It is a Musical Instrument Library that offers Library members the ability to borrow an instrument without having to buy one out right. Think of it as a stepping stone to your potential music career or maybe you need a replacement instrument in a hurry. Go check it out! — See photos below. Photos courtesy of

The above projects were all funded in 2017, and came to fruition in 2018. This year, 2018, a whole new round of projects will start with the hope of improving Lafayette’s quality of life for generations to come. — See some of the ideas below.

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