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Ragin’ Cajun Red Zone Store Is Setting Up Shop Next To Blackham Coliseum


Many have been wondering about the modular buildings that have been nicely placed next to the Blackham Coliseum. We now know the answer!

The Ragin’ Cajun Red Zone Store, formerly located at the corner of Johnston Street & E. Lewis Street, is moving into these buildings for the time being.

The move for Red Zone is temporary as their former location is now a construction site for a luxury upscale University Housing & Retail project. See our post (here) for more information on that project.

Once the new University Housing & Retail development is complete, the Ragin’ Cajun Red Zone Store will have a fancy new retail space inside of that new development.

See the Red Zone store’s recent Facebook post about their moving progress. They will let us know when they have reopened.

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