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Possibility of multiple Dairy Queen’s?


According to The Daily Advertiser, owner Mike Vicari has expected plans to bring in another DQ. Due to the recent overwhelming success of the DQ just opening on Johnston Street.

If I had to guess where these other DQ locations would be a hit. I would put my Monopoly money on Louisiana Ave. near Target & in the Youngsville area. My reasoning for these location guesses are easy. Youngsville is the fastest growing community in the state. Least, last I read it was. I haven’t double checked though. And, LA Ave. is a popping place with traffic increasing daily.

Side note:
I am happy DQ is doing well. By the way, don’t call Lafayette fickle if you live here. You make up part of the Lafayette body. Perhaps, it is you that is fickle. Get out there and support the businesses that put their faith in this growing city. #rantover

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