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Pop-A-licious Coming To Westmark Center


A new place called Pop-A-licious will soon be constructed on Westmark in the Westmark Center shopping strip at 111 Westmark Blvd #103. This same center is currently home to Fat Pats, and with the addition to the center, more will come. Here’s an interesting turn of events, I don’t know what this place will be! I did some permit research and found that Pop-A-licious will not have seating…soooo yeah, there’s that. I have googled, facebooked and googled again until I was blue in the face, and the best prediction that I could come up with is that it will either be a Gourmet Popcorn place or a Cake Pop store. The store will be about 1,500 sq ft and yeah, that’s about all I have.

Here are some photos of the building and a small snip of a graphic of Pop-A-licious. 



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