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Pete’s Set to Open in About a Month


I have been desperately wanting to see the inside of Pete’s for months. Today, I had the privilege of meeting the owner, Danny Guidry and to see what the newly renovated Pete’s looks like. Now, I’ve only been inside of Pete’s one time before they closed for renovations, and all I can see is that it is a fresh Pete’s for sure. Before the renovations, I remember Pete’s being dark and seemingly outdated, which doesn’t appeal to much of the younger crowd. Some of you older cats may not like the changes, but if it keeps the restaurant open and thriving, why wouldn’t you want that? It’s not like the food is changing. I can recall enjoying a nice burger and some fried pickles, which are my favorite, by the way. Pete’s has been in operation for over 40 years and it was showing its age. Some of the changes you’ll notice is more light, but not too much light, just enough. You’ll also see that they got rid of that retired sports casting control panel thingamabob. They kept the arcade and the overall feel of the place, but updated it to keep moving forward for many years down the road. Pete’s target date for reopening is in about a month, give or take. 

I hope that my perspective has been somewhat valuable, and I hope you enjoy the photos. I used my fancy GoPro to get a couple of the shots. 🙂

Thanks Danny G. for allowing me to come by and check it out.

Photo of Danny Guidry showing me around.


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