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Pet Passages, A New Pet Funeral Home & On-site Crematory Coming Soon To Lafayette


Pet Passages, a new pet funeral home and on-site crematory, is coming soon to Lafayette, Louisiana at 110 Eunice Street.

The franchise, locally owned by Catherine Lemoine, will feature two private ‘Rainbow Bridge’ rooms that provide pet owners with the opportunity for closure. Each room will feature a cushioned bier (altar) with a water feature above them along with comfortable seating.

Rainbow Bridge Room Progress

Since 2013, Catherine and her operations manager, Zack Conyers, have worked side by side assisting pet owners in the Acadiana and Baton Rouge areas with navigating the grief of losing a pet while providing compassionate and dignified final care for their beloved pets.

“I have personally worked in this industry locally for the past 10 years, helping thousands of local pet owners through their grief,’ said Lemoine. ‘When I tell you that this is what pet owners have been asking for, it became obvious that I needed to find a way to provide it to them, so this was the best path to do so.”

Pet Passages will also offer personalized items like jewelry, stuffed teddies, and other keepsakes that are all capable of holding small amounts of cremated pet remains.

“We look forward to this new endeavor and the ability to continue to provide the service and care that the pet owners of Acadiana expect for their best friend,” said Lemoine.

Main Entrance & Lobby

Pet ownership continues to increase in popularity year-over-year. Pets are now considered family members and, in many cases, even have their own medical insurance plans and 401Ks. Just kidding about the 401k part; or are we? Either way, a service like the one provided by Pet Passages has been needed for years.

Pet Passages is tentatively scheduled to open in January 2023.

You can follow Pet Passages on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100088408170264&mibextid=LQQJ4d or visit their website at https://lafayette.la.petpassages.com/.”

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