Good Fun

Parish Tins


A new local company, called Parish Tins, is about to change your holiday’s White Elephant game.

The new company sells an attractive little tin filled with twenty $10 gift card coasters from 20 different local, amazing, restaurants for only $25 a tin. The catch? You have to spend a minimum of $25 at the restaurant you visit to redeem the $10 coaster. So what? Many families spend that easily at any of these given restaurants.

We ended up getting our dirty little paws on one of the tins today, and it’s the perfect gift for that frequent restaurant flyer. Personally, I would almost buy it for myself, because I like to get some monies off ?? —Hallelu!

Check out the photo we took of the tin and the coasters all spread out. We tried to show them all, but why? Just visit for more info, or to buy your own. Don’t do the Facebook? Mais, go here

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