Downtown Lafayette

Parc 21, A New Night Spot, Is Coming Soon To Downtown


A new night spot, called Parc 21, is taking over the former everything building at 116 E Vermilion Street in Downtown Lafayette.

Their Facebook page, Parc 21, is blank at the moment with little information for us to share. A representative did reach out after this post went public to explain that this is not a nightclub, but a late night luxury dining spot that will host concerts, and other performances. They are seeking to bring the upscale feel back to Downtown Lafayette.

They are also called Parc Rowe, which is their events concept. They will host weddings, bridal parties, receptions, graduation etc. They will also cater!

This building has been several restaurants, bars, nightclubs, pubs, and probably some type of religious space at some point.

I am sure you guys on the social webs could list the all things from the past.

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