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Our trip to Mellow Mushroom.


Like I’ve promised, here are my thoughts on Mellow Mushroom. My first thought, it’s worth waiting a good hour for it. We had a party of 7 and with it being lunch on a Sunday the wait wasn’t bad, about 30 minutes. After being seated things ran fairly well, besides a few minor service slips. However, our waitress did well and we enjoyed ourselves. The table agreed that the pizza had a really good flavor. Everything tasted fresh and the crust of the pizza was nice too. You can tell the quality of a pizza if the crust remains untouched on your plate, #hashbrown no crust left here. The pizza we had was the 10″ Funky Q Chicken pizza. It is a must have if you care for BBQ flavored pizza at all. The size of the pizza wasn’t too much or too little either, but my wife & I are relatively light eaters. There were other pies order at our table too, we just didn’t try those yet. So, MM gets our seal of approval for whatever that is worth to you guys. Below are some photos of what we had. Also, don’t expect too many photos of the inside, I didn’t want to look like a creeper. If you want to see the inside, then go eat there it’s cool for sure!









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