Local Expansion

O’Reilly Auto Parts’ Regional Hub Is Relocating To N. University Ave. in Lafayette


O’Reilly Auto Parts, located at four corners at 101 N. University Avenue, is expanding to become the new South Louisiana regional hub location.

Constructed in early 2014, the N. University store’s new expansion will increase its warehouse space by an additional 3,400 square-foot.

O’Reilly’s current hub, located at 4796 Johnston Street between Sonic & Dwight’s Restaurant, services 34 regional auto parts stores. But with the relocation to the N. University store, the new hub will ultimately service 40+ area stores.

Construction started recently, within the past two weeks, and is expected to be completed in about eight weeks.

Fun tidbit: I tried Googling O’Reilly Auto Parts hubs and got actual auto hub parts.

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