Local Renovation

Olive Garden Renovation, Brand Update


Olive Garden(OG); the place where the start of our development curiosity was piqued. It’s kind of a full-circle moment when you are posting about the business where the thought of Developing Lafayette’s concept was born.

Over the past 8 weeks, under the cover of darkness, OG made many modern renovations to their restaurant. Driving by, it is easy to spot the new logo signage, and the entrance’s new stone facade, but what about the inside? Though no structural changes were made, much of the furniture has been changed out to suit modern aesthetics. The bar area has been updated, new art, new lighting fixtures, and other subtle changes that provide a fresh feel to the popular Italian restaurant chain.

As for me, and my family, we will forever hold our pinky fingers high in the air while we shove breadsticks, salad, and pasta down our gullets.

Olive Garden of Lafayette is located at 5743 Johnston Street. See the Olive Garden website at olivegarden.com or their Facebook at facebook.com/Olive-Garden.

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