Oh Crêpe! La Crêperie is Amazeballs.


The lovely wife and I had the privilege of trying out La Crêperie tonight before their opening tomorrow, November 4th, 2015. La Crêperie Bistro is located in Parc Lafayette, facing Camellia Boulevard.  Guys, this place is going to be another home run for Lafayette and its food scene. For those that do not know what a crêpe is, it’s a very thin pancake with different sorts of fillings and toppings, all ranging from sweet or savory. Tonight, we had one of each type of crêpe. The savory crêpe that we had was the Alfredo, and it was filled with grilled chicken, portobello shrooms, parmesan cheese, bacon & alfredo sauce. You talk about ridiculous, it was so well balanced in flavor and texture that I was actually sad to see it go. However, our sweet crêpe, the S’mores, finished us out for the win. The S’mores crêpe was filled with Nutella / chocolate, marshmallows and of course, graham cracker. I can not begin to tell you how excited I am about this place, and I know that you guys will be too. For more info on La Crêperie Bistro and their opening date, (click here). Also, I got plenty of photos for you below. Enjoy! 


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