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New Tea-osk, Brew To A Tea, in the Mall


There is a new little Tea-osk that opened about 3 weeks ago called Brew To A Tea, right in front of the newly remodeled Victoria’s Secret in the mall. Brew To A Tea sells several premium teas that are sure to make you feel pinky finger fancy, and healthier, too. If you’re not a tea person or only drink sweet iced tea, then you may be missing out. I for one am a sweet iced tea by the gallon drinker, and I’ve never tried a cup of hot tea, til now. I was given a sample pack of teas to try, courtesy of Brew To A Tea, and I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty some of the teas were. They’re are many flavors like Toasted Coconut & Chocolate, Vanilla & Lavender, Cucumber Mint Mojito green tea, and even a Toasted Caramel Rooibos. I personally did not like the Chocolate tea, but the Rooibos was good, with or without sugar, and tasted like a pricey drink from a shop, as it should. I was also curious as to why it was called Rooibos, so I googled, and found that the red Rooibos tea had many heath benefiting properties, as do most teas. If you want more information, please visit Brew To A Tea on facebook, or in person to learn a little more and even get to smell or sample some of the teas. 


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