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New Ochsner Lafayette General 547-vehicle Parking Garage Tower, Main Hospital Tower Progress


Ochsner Lafayette General is adding a new $14 million, 547-vehicle parking garage tower at the corner of S. College Road at 109 Pasa Pl.

We all know how important it is to find parking at the hospital, especially when loved ones are patients there. Over the past several months, if you’ve tried to park at OLGMC, then you may have noticed just how hard it is to find a space that isn’t a rooftop situation.

Provided Rendering

The new parking garage tower started construction on December 1st and is being constructed where hospital staff previously parked. But with decreasing availability in those spaces, more expansive parking was made priority.

The new garage is set to be completed in September of 2022.

In the photos below, you can see the area where the new parking tower is being constructed. To get these photos, we could have taken up our drone, but no, we drove our happy little butts up to the rooftop bar of the current parking garage(there’s no bar, actually) to get a semi-birds-eye-view of the project. While up there, we also got a look at the progress of the new $98 million, 6-floor tower expansion project, see photo below. You can also read more about all of the expansion plans at

Provided Rendering
Parking Garage Layout
6-floor Tower Expansion Progress

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