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New Metairie Centre Construction, Townhomes In Youngsville


There are new updates and construction happening at the popular Metairie Centre, located at 1600 Chemin Metairie Parkway in Youngsville.

Known for its prominent geographic location and well-known businesses, the Metairie Centre is perhaps Youngsville’s signature shopping center. Local businesses like Twin’s, Corner Bar, CC’s Coffee, Agave, and Bain Amour are just a few that occupy space here. There is, of course, anchor stores like Walgreen’s and McDonald’s that help drive more traffic.

As the Metairie Centre enters into its seventh and eighth phases of construction, what you should expect to see over the next few months are new driveways, more parking, and the opening of Lourdes Urgent Care. And over the course of a year, you will see the construction of Metairie Gardens, a new collection of 78 townhomes, which is under construction as of this post.

In the future, phase eight, which includes the construction of Lourdes Urgent Care, will also see the construction of about six more commercial structures, according to the master plan shown below.

Master plan provided by Metairie Centre Facebook.
Driveway extension to Chemin Metairie Pkwy.
The foundation work for the new Metairie Gardens featuring 78 new townhomes.
A map. Duh.

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