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New Lafayette Fire Station #6 Under Construction On Camellia Blvd, Replacing Existing Johnston St. Facility


A new state-of-the-art, 7,156 square foot Lafayette Fire Station #6 facility, coming soon at 201 Camellia Blvd, is designed to meet the evolving needs of fire crews and optimize emergency response capabilities.

This new fire station will replace the existing #6 fire station at 3705 Johnston Street, which is less efficient & practical than modern fire stations today.

Renderings & info provided by TRAHAN Architecture + Planning, LLC – http://www.trahanarchitecture.com/

Aerial photo of Fire Station #6 Construction

Key features of the new facility include:

• Two spacious, pass-through apparatus bays to accommodate modern firefighting equipment.

• A full living area to ensure round-the-clock readiness.

• Eight private sleeping quarters for the comfort and well-being of both men & women crews.

Rendering provided by http://www.trahanarchitecture.com/

In addition to functionality, the design incorporates upgraded landscaping and trees, seamlessly integrating the new facility with the existing greenbelt along Camellia Blvd.

There are no explicit plans for the existing location once the new location is up and running.

Construction is well underway for Fire Station #6, with a projected completion date set for the end of 2024 and being fully operational by January 2025.

Secondary Aerial Photo of Construction

City Graphic

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