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New Honey Hole, LT’s Apiaries Connection in Youngsville’s Sugarmill Pond


LT’s Apiaries Connection in Youngsville has recently opened up shop at Suite 303 at Sugarmill Pond in Youngsville.

U.S. ARMY Veteran, Sean Olivier, represents 3 other Veteran Beekeepers that are all based Louisiana. They each have there own unique way of doing their passion, and making their own honey-made products.

LT’s Apiaries Connection believes in making a great product, and selling it for a price that anyone can afford. LT’s do not make any of the products themselves, but serve as a distributor for the fine, Louisiana-made, honey products. And according to Sean, there are no other stores like this in the area.

You can find many different types of honey-made products like, soaps, detergents, bee’s wax, candles, flavored honey sticks, OBD infused honey spread, lip balm and, of course, honey in its most natural state. The best part is that all of the products are non-toxic, and ingestable — even the detergents — young folks… ?

If you love honey, be sure to pay Sean a visit. He would be more than happy to show you around, and help you in any way.

Check out their Facebook page at facebook.com/ltsapiariesconnection

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