Local Business

New Donut Shop Playing Peek-A-Boo on Moss St.


A new donut shop is planning to open on the corner of Moss and Butcher Switch, but who are they? Thanks to Tessa C. for tipping us off about a sign reading, “Donuts Coming Soon” at the 4300 Block of Moss Street. The soon to be donut shop location is formerly known as Red Barn Cafe, and Shepherds Kloset. I have tried to find out a little bit about the new business, I’ve even asked the newest neighboring business Auntie’s Bakery Box, but they did not know either. What I do know is that, for a fact, donuts are coming soon! Could it be Meches? Unlikely. Either way, it’s donuts and who doesn’t love that?

If you have more info on this spot, please email it to me!


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