New Construction at Moss Street & Butcher Switcher To Be New LUS Electric Substation


We have been getting lots of inquiries about the dirt work happening at 700 E Butcher Switch Road and Moss Street in North Lafayette. We did a little digging and found that it will be a new LUS Electrical Substation.

So what is an electric substation? In short, it is a critical component of the electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system. Its primary functions are to transform voltage levels, control the flow of electricity, and ensure the efficient and safe operation of the power grid.

Image of an electrical substation:

The exact type of substation this may be is still up for research but, there are a few types of substations on which to speak. Some are transmission substations, distribution substations, collector substations, and converter substations. If we had to guess, this is most likely just a distribution substation, which can be seen sprinkled throughout the area tucked away in corners which many tend to ignore. However, this one isn’t quite easy to ignore due to its prominent location.

I hope this helps someone with that burning question of what is being built there.

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