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New Concept Planned For Former Rodizio Grill Location


So Rodizio Grill in Lafayette closed. It’s pretty much all over the social webs. But it’s not over for the local owners—yes, local owners. A new concept will be opened in the same spot within a few months or less.

The new concept details have not been released yet, but what we do know is that the local owners of the former Rodizio Grill will honor any store purchased Rodizio gift cards for 30 days after the new concept opens. This is a show of gratitude for those that have supported the restaurant over the past 3 years.

Once details about the new concept are released to us we will share it with you guys.

As for the local business owners celebrating a closure of a ‘chain’, just remember… any of us can bite the dust. Stay humble.

Shop & eat local first.

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