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New 36,000-Square-Foot Float Den & Event Space for Krewe of Bonaparte is Coming Soon on Surrey Street


Founded in 1972, the Krewe of Bonaparte is building a new 36,000-square-foot Float Den & Event Space at 1458 Surrey St. This new facility will serve as the primary float den for the Krewe’s activities, while also providing a versatile venue for Krewe events.

The new building is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the Krewe of Bonaparte, accommodating their vibrant and festive Mardi Gras celebrations. The float storage area consists of a large 35,620 square feet of space, providing ample room to safely store and maintain the Krewe’s iconic Mardi Gras floats. Additionally, this space can be easily reconfigured into a generous 14,170 square feet event venue, perfect for hosting krewe parties and gatherings.

Rendering provided by Chase Marshall Architects

The facility will also feature a 3,500-square-foot annex, which will house essential amenities such as a well-appointed board room, restrooms, and practical storage areas.

This new Float Den & Event Space represents the Krewe of Bonaparte’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaging community. By providing a dedicated facility for their floats and events, the Krewe aims to continue their tradition of bringing joy, excitement, and cultural enrichment to the residents and visitors of our city.

For more info about Krewe of Bonaparte, check out their website at https://kreweofbonaparte.org.

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