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New 31,000-square-foot LOS Ambulatory Surgery Center Coming Soon Behind The New Rouses On Camellia Blvd


Louisiana Orthopaedic Specialists, LLC (LOS), recently broke some dirt for their newest expansion project, the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), located at 300 E. Bluebird Drive.

As a leading provider of orthopedic and spine healthcare services in the region, LOS is doubling down on its commitment to quality & patient care with its new cutting-edge Ambulatory Surgery Center.

“This facility marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering high-quality, patient-centered care in the region,” said Michael Prejean, CEO.

Aerial view showing new ASC behind the new Rouses on Camellia Blvd

Once completed, the new 31,000-square-foot Ambulatory Surgery Center will feature 6 state-of-the-art operating rooms with their latest in advanced medical technology and 2 dedicated procedure rooms for minor interventional spine procedures & outpatient treatments. Additionally, the new ASC will feature an expert & highly skilled medical team, efficient workflow, and patient-centric design with amenities that prioritize privacy and well-being.

Acknowledging the rising demand for outpatient orthopedic and spine procedures, LOS takes pride in investing in a cutting-edge Ambulatory Surgery Center to cater to the community’s needs. This facility signifies LOS’s continuous dedication to advancing musculoskeletal care and delivering accessible, cost-effective, and high-quality services to its patients.

The ASC is tentatively set to open in early 2025.

For more information on LOS, visit their website at

Provided rendering, upscaled with AI

Aerial shot of dirt work

Another aerial show showing ASC in relation to the new Rouses on Camellia Blvd(opening early 2024)


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