Shopping Center

Natchez on Verot


I love to see coming soon signs. I noticed this sign the other day while driving down Verot (2040 Verot School Road, Lafayette, LA 70506) and had to stop to get a better look. The sign shows a new shopping center called Natchez on Verot. Judging by the looks of the rendering on the sign it appears to be of moderate size and may be occupied by the typical business. What is exciting about this is that Verot continues to be developed! I personally don’t hit Verot very often some of you though hit that street everyday. I don’t have much need to go that for down Ambassador or the Throughway except for when we have a hankering for some Mabuhay. Other than that I tend to stay in the center of town where I work and do most of my road running. Who knows what the future will hold for little ol’ Verot School Road though. If Lafayette keeps growing as fast as it has Verot just might be the center of town.






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