Local Renovation

Mid-city McDonald’s Renovations


Spotted that McDonald’s at 4555 Johnston Street & Lana Dr. is under renovation. You can see from the photos attached that the awning is being removed, which was the design aesthetic of the 90’s era. Most of us have grown up, most of us, and McDonald’s is making their brand more appealing to adults more so now, than ever. Remember Ronald, the clown? You really don’t see him around much anymore.

I did go inside and I did eat a small lunch so that I did not feel like a creeper, but nothing on the inside seems to be changing, as of now. The permit info is vague and there aren’t any plans or detailed information to cite, but it’s valued at about $400k. I would expect that the interior would get some treatment, but at that value, it may be exterior only.

Could I have asked someone for detailed info? Sure, but I didn’t, because believe it or not I cringe at the thought of going up to folks I don’t know. It’s a personal problem, I’m working on it. 🙂 However, at least you are informed that this McDonald’s is changing to look more like their other, more up-to-date, locations.

Check out another Lafayette McDonald’s that will soon be updated via complete demolition and rebuild. – Click to see that post.

Below is a close up of the Johnston & Lana Dr. location as of yesterday afternoo.

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