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Meche’s Donut King Name Change & Remodel


Thousands of locals and beyond are probably familiar with Meche’s Donuts. Those little warm diet killers are super popular. So popular that just the name Meche’s makes your mouth’s water. mmmMMM, okay I need to quit.

Meche’s Donut King announced today that they are changing their name. Yup, you heard right. Independently owned Meche’s in Broussard & Breaux Bridge are now Cajun Market Donut Company. I am sure you’re probably freaking out right now. Asking yourself, what about the Meche’s on Guilbeau? To my knowledge the only locations changing their name are the ones in Broussard and Breaux Bridge. Again, Meche’s are independently owned. The others will remain as is.

You will notice on their facebook that the link has changed. And, the inside of the buildings have already been remodeled. The signs will also change along with decor.

Will the donuts taste the same? Yes, that is not changing

Cajun Market Donuts are also opening a location on 1812 W Pinhook across from Office Depot. They are also about to start promoting their very own coffee brand that they think you will certainly enjoy.

For more information check out their facebook at

Thanks for the tip Cody & Mandy F.

Below are some of the new decor changes and what looks to be the logo…





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