Downtown Lafayette

Johnson’s Boucanière Is Renovating, Adding Climate Controlled Patio Enclosure


Johnson’s Boucanière, a popular spot in Downtown Lafayette at 1111 Saint John Street, is being renovated to add a ‘cool’ factor.

Renovations will include a fresh exterior paint job, a new monument sign using the logo designed by the late Jillian Johnson, and an enclosed climate-controlled porch will be added to the North facing portion of the building. The newly enclosed porch will also feature overhead doors so that on nice days they can be rolled up to have that open-air, breezy atmosphere. The front portion of the porch—a 10′ x 30′ section—will remain open air.

“We’re just trying to provide some climate control during the brutal parts of summer and the few winter days that it’s cold.” — Greg Walls

Over the next few months, renovations will be performed during after hours and on weekends so that the restaurant can remain open for business.

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