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Jim Deggy’s Brick Oven Pizza & Brewery to Set to Open in Downtown Lafayette in Early May


Jim Deggy’s, a new brick oven pizza & brewery is opening soon at 201 Jefferson Street in Downtown Lafayette, formerly occupied by Dat Dog.

Founded in Pineville, Louisiana, the Lafayette location of Jim Deggy’s will feature a unique blend of handcrafted brick oven pizzas, innovative brewery offerings, and an inviting atmosphere. Guests can look forward to enjoying signature pizzas with hand-tossed sweet dough, cooked to order in an imported Italian wood-fired brick oven. Complementing the menu will be a selection of carefully crafted beers brewed onsite in small batches. One of Jim Deggy’s signature pizzas, the “VOODOO”, which is the most popular and unique pizza. It features boudin, pepper jack, and cream cheese, and was designed by, Paisley, the company’s longest-running employee who still works with the company today.

Photo sourced: Jim Deggy’s Facebook

Named after the founder’s grandfather, the roots of Jim Deggy’s Brick Oven Pizza & Brewery trace back to Paul Averett’s childhood summers in New Jersey, where he developed a passion for authentic New York-style pizza. After a successful career in the military, Paul set out on a journey to share his love for pizza with the community. He started with a unique food truck that was custom-made from a massive rebuilt military vehicle. This strategy was successful, as the larger-than-life military-grade pizza food truck attracted crowds everywhere it was parked. Eventually, Paul expanded to brick-and-mortar locations with the same big ambitions. The food truck was later sold, and the oven was removed and installed in the Pineville location.

“We have always wanted to expand the company, and Lafayette seemed like it had the community feel that we were eyeing,” said Paul. “Lafayette is a perfect fit for us, and we can’t wait to become a part of this vibrant city.”

The aesthetic of Jim Deggy’s is edgy with lots of custom metal work all handmade by the owner and his son. Everything from lighting fixtures, door handles, brick oven facade, and various other aspects of the design of the space is all handmade to fit the overall vibe of what Jim Deggy’s brand is known for.

The new Lafayette location will also embody Deggy’s continuing commitment to quality, community, and family legacy, with a management style that fosters employee loyalty and community support.

Jim Deggy’s Brick Oven Pizza & Brewery of Lafayette is set to open its doors in early May, but you can get an early preview & taste at Festival International by visiting their location!

You can check out more about Jim Deggy’s at and by following them on Facebook at

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