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Inside Waitr’s New Operations Center


Waitr has just about finished the final touches to their first operations center located in The Daily Advertiser building at 1100 Bertrand in Lafayette.

This new operations center will serve the East Coast, while the office in Waitr’s founding city, Lake Charles, will serve Westward from Jennings, LA.

The Waitr operations center performs a multitude of jobs like customer dashboard service, restaurant menu configuration, coding, engineering and several other inportant task that get your food to your door.

The layout of the space is that of a modern day tech company and lends to a more transparent work environment. Nearly every corner of Waitr’s new space is visible from any room, including the conference room—which typically isn’t the case in many companies. The space is open with no cubicals, and sleep pods & nooks are mixed in for those looking for a little personal time.

In tech, site monitoring & analytics are of the utmost importance and Waitr has that covered with several screens throughout the space that show up-to-date order information. But you can’t always be nose-deep in numbers, so Waitr has this really cool café area with a small kitchen, a bar, several bar height tables, a ping pong table, and a lounge space with a large screen connected to an Xbox One & PS4, you know, because tech.

Another really cool part of their new space is the huge wall for mixed goals, accomplishments, and random thoughts—really random.

One thing is for sure, the founders Chris Meaux, Adam Murnane, Addison killebrew, Evan Diaz de Arce, and Manuel Rivero could have never imagined how far Waitr would have gone back in 2013 when it all started.

Below are some photos of the Waitr space.

Café with ping pong, Xbox and PS4. Photo courtesy of Triad Construction.

Large screens showing live order data.

One of two sleep pods.

Corner shot of the work space.

Large wall with mixed random thoughts. We are loving this wall!

Conference room with lights in the shape of the Waitr logo. Photo courtesy of Triad Construction.

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