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Hidden Gem – Creole Lunch House


Hidden Gem – Creole Lunch House

713 12th St
Lafayette, LA 70501

Most of you know that I have not lived here in Lafayette for very long. In fact, I’ve only lived here since the summer of 2010. I am, however, from Louisiana and have been to Lafayette plenty of times prior to moving here. Before today I would have said that I know most of the food terms and such from this area. Well, today I found that to be not so true. Does the term “Fricassee” sound familier to most of you? It should… as it should for me as well being that I am from Louisiana. Not true, I had no clue what fricassee was. I have heard of the term but just didn’t know anything else about it. Today, I had the oportunity to try what I feel is a hidden gem in my book. Creole Lunch House has aparently been around for close to 30 some odd years and has been serving up homestyle cooking that not too many restaurants can come close to. Upon ordering my “Chicken Fricassee”, I asked, “what is fricassee exactly?” Yikes, if you could have only seen the looks on these folks faces. They proceeded to ask where I was from and with an unsure voice I said “North of Ville Platte.” The man running things asked, ” is the dirt, “dirt” or is it “clay” where you were from?” I said the dirt was more redish than brown. He then said, “Oh yeah, you’re too close to Alexandria up there, no wonder”. So with that said and my shame of not knowing what “Fricassee” was, I recieved my food and was highly pleased with what I was tasting. It was the right amount of spice and more than enough food for me to even eat. I am a light eater during lunch but I know a good sized portion when I see one and that my friends was a lot of food! I won’t go into what it came with but I can say if you want something good you’ve got to give Creole Lunch House a try.

I know it isn’t a “new” development but who cares!!! It is food!… go try ’em!

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