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Hibbett Sports To Open New Northside Lafayette Location In Parkway Plaza Shopping Center


A new Hibbett Sports retail store is opening in the Parkway Plaza shopping center at 2021 NW Evangeline Thruway.

Hibbett Sports offers popular sneakers, shoes, fan gear, and athletic wear for men & women. Currently, there are two Northside Lafayette locations located at 1800 NE Evangeline Thruway in the Northgate Mall and the other located in the Stirling shopping center at 3221 Louisiana Ave.

We reached out to the Hibbett Sports in the Northgate Mall to determine their longevity and as of now, they do not have any notice of that location closing their doors once this location opens.

The new Parkway Plaza location has changed the look of the center some with its large windows spanning 2-3 units wide. It’ll brighten up the center some at night.

There isn’t a known completion or tentative opening date that we can release, but we can guess. Our best guesstimate is that the new Northside Hibbett Sports location will be open by late January or early February.

For more information on Hibbett Sports, check out their website at

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