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Grub Burger Bar Will Soon Open


Grub Burger Bar is nearing the tentative opening date of September 9th and is located in Parc Lafayette. If you haven’t seen my previous post about Grub Burger, it is a gourmet burger restaurant straight out of College Station, TX. Grub Burger has a proprietary blend of beef that is ground in-house everyday. They also make their buns from scratch and bake them fresh in-house everyday. But that’s not all, they even make all of their sauces and dressing in-house too! Grub Burger sources local first when possible, so you can be sure that they aren’t going cheap on you. Have you seen their burgers? Nothing “cheap” about them. In fact, you probably can’t make a better burger at home if you tried. Really, I want you to try. Try making and baking the buns, mixing the sauces, mixing the perfect blend of beef and cooking it right. I bet you would just rather go out to Grub Burger, huh? Okay, I am done being a Cheerleader, lol.

Just in case you’re wanting to work for these guys, they are hiring still. https://www.grubburgerbar.com/employment.html

Below are some photos that I have been granted permission to use by Grub BurgerIMG_7851.JPG





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