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Good Bye Tokyo Live, Hello Hana Grill


One of Lafayette’s most well-known hibachi & sushi restaurants, Tokyo Live, is no longer a name you’ll see in town. Instead, during ongoing renovations at the 1601 W Pinhook Road property, the name was changed from Tokyo Live to Hana Japanese & Korean Grill.

We were tipped about the name change and decided it was worth checking out. In our visit to the restaurant, we were able to pop our nosey little heads inside for a quick peek. Our first impressions were that it is much brighter inside, and all of the little knick-knacks(toys) have been removed from display. The bar area is lit with color changing neons, which seems to be a trend for many area restaurants. You may have also noticed that the restaurant has a cleaner outward appearance. No more mix-match roof.

Good news, the new Hana Japanese & Korean Grill will continue to offer hibachi, sushi, and will also serve Korean cuisine to their guests.

When it comes to a projected opening date, the kind folks that we spoke with are hoping for a September ’18 opening.

Please enjoy the inside photos we took of the renovation process.

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