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Girard Park Sprayground on its way


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Lafayette citizens have long been wishing for a waterpark to open in Lafayette, this isn’t it. Now, for your young ones and yourself, a splashpad may be just enough to satisfy the urge to get wet in the heat of summer. Located in Girard Park near the current play area will soon be a new recreational activity called the Sprayground. A Sprayground or Splashpad is an area where fountains and varies different water spouts, sprayers, buckets and umbrellas will get you drenched & cool. If you’ve ever been to a waterpark of any kind, then you may have seen a splashpad; they are a kids dream come true. If you’re a big kid, then I am sure getting wet is still a joy, but nothing can replace the joy of a near vertical waterslide shoving your bathing suit up your hind end. 🙂 Share it up.

Side note: the permit is up, so the Sprayground should be up and running this summer. No one has told me this, just a guess. 



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