Former Shoney’s Restaurant Gets Roof Repair… For What?!


The former Shoney’s Restaurant at 2208 NE Evangeline Thruway in Lafayette’s Northside is getting what appears to be a new roof. But why though?!

TL:DR — We attempted to call the owners of Shoney’s Restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia with no success.

Shoney’s of Lafayette has been closed for around a decade and yet seems to be somewhat maintained over the years. And by maintenance, we are talking about grass cut & shrubs trimmed routinely. And now the building, which is slowly decaying, is receiving roof maintenance!

So what gives? We have reached out to several government agencies, researched LLCs, reviewed tax records, etc, etc and have determined that the owners of Shoney’s Restaurant, Royal Hospitality Corp, still own the property and the building. Based in Atlanta, GA, Royal Hospitality Corporation purchased Shoney’s Restaurants back in 2004 with hopes of bringing back the brand to its glory days. We see how that is going. After finding several phone numbers to reach out to Royal Hospitality Corp, we attempted to reach out but were unsuccessful in our attempts for answers.

So where do we go from here? I guess we shall wait and see. If they were to bring back Shoney’s, that would be wild. Though, we aren’t sure if it can make a comeback, honestly, or can it?

I wish we had more guys. We tried.

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