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Former Oil Center Park Place Center To Become Allie and Patlola Medical Center


Back in the early Summer, construction started on the former 39,000 SF Park Place Surgical Hospital, located at 901 Wilson Street, which has remained vacant for several years.

According to The Advocate, local Lafayette doctors, Dr. David Allie of the Louisiana Cardiovascular and Limb Salvage Center and Dr. Raghotham Patlola bought the former surgical center from Our Lady of Lourdes for a cool $4.1 million.

The space is being renovated to become the new Allie and Patlola Medical Center, a one-stop destination for outpatient coronary, vascular, limb disease, wound care, and outpatient acute surgery.

The Allie and Patlola Medical Center will be comprised of medical offices for practicing physicians that will include exam rooms, nurses’ stations, and patient waiting rooms. Additional space will be used for a new acute surgery center providing advanced procedures for pacemakers and specialized vein & coronary stents.

ARISE Vascular, a partner of Allie and Patlola, will be expanding into the building occupying about 15,000 square feet for a state-of-the-art catheterization laboratory with diagnostic imaging equipment to visualize arteries & chambers of the heart and to treat stenosis or any other abnormalities.

Next year, an extra 4,500 SF will be added to make way for a hyperbaric chamber to treat wound & limb diseases like critical limb ischemia, which results in more than 200,000 people nationwide losing limbs to amputation, according to The Advocate.

The tentative completion date is set for early 2020.

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