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Former La Belle Vie Gift Shop On Johnston Street To Become Possible New Nail Salon & Spa


The former La Belle Vie Gift Shop, located at 6185 Johnston Street in front of Hampton Toyota, is now seeing a lot of renovations with no available permits to reference.

We managed to swing by the location to speak to those of whom are renovating the space. The supposed owners or family of the owners expressed that it would be a new nail business. Though there English was not their first language, so I may have misheard. I did repeat back what I heard, and they seemed to confirm that it would be a nail spa.

As for La Belle Vie, we tried to reach out to that business as their Facebook page expressed that they are moving. However, the phone number that is available online seemed to not function. We also left messages on social media hoping for a response but were left on read. The last post on their page is marked March 30th, 2019.

Our hope is that if this is a new nail salon that it is nice, well managed and affordable so that my wife can give it a try. She has been a customer of a few nail salons and each one has their varying quirks in service—fingers crossed.

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