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Former In & Out Smart Repair Is Now CPR Phone Repair On Southpark


The former In & Out Smart Repair shop at 3544 West Pinhook Rd in the Southpark Center is now officially CPR Cell Phone Repair.

I’ll go out on a limb here and just say that I am sure many who own a phone has visited a cell phone repair shop for some reason or another.

CPR Phone Repair handles repairs for phones, of course, but also tablets, computers, gaming systems, etc. They also offer virus removal, and water damage repair. Many of their repairs come with a Lifetime Warranty with a free diagnosis.

Going out on yet another limb here but, I am sure battery, and screen repair is the most common issue for most. I see so many people with their phones in their back pocket. That can’t be the best place for your device, especially when you sit or bend over. Ever heard of BendGate?

If you need some repairs, check out CPR Cell Phone Repair on facebook at facebook.com/CellPhoneRepairLafayetteSouthparkCenterLA

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