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Former Greek Restaurant Will Soon Be Arabic Grocery & Kitchen


A former Greek restaurant, Green Olive, located at 2441 W. Congress will soon be an Arabic/Muslim grocery & kitchen. 

The name of the business is Bismillah Groceries & Kitchen. In Arabic, Bismillah stands for “In the name of Allah“, according to a quick Google search. 

This location has been under renovation for several months and I’ve been trying to find out what it was going to be. Today, I passed by the location, as I do everyday, and noticed the sign on the building. So you know what I did, I turned my happy butt right around! See previous post on this location (here).

I tried to find out any info on the business beyond the meaning of the word Bismillah, but did not find anything. We have strong inclination that this will be mid-eastern style food, which many of you guys have been seeking more diverse cuisine. This just may be your wish come true, only time will tell. 

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