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Former Coyote Blues To Become Mongolian Grill


The former Coyote Blues restaurant at 5741 Johnston Street, located next door to Olive Garden, appears to have a new tenant in the works.

According to public records, GLS Mongolian Grill—not sure what “GLS” stands for—is renovating the former Tex Mex restaurant to what we could only assume to be a new Mongolian Grill. The only other known, self-titled Mongolian Grill, in Lafayette, is Khan Mongolian Grill on W Pinhook. See Khan post (here).

This sounds like a pretty sweet new place, considering that it’s not another Mexican restaurant. So many people seem to complain about the number of Mexican/Tex Mex restaurants we have here, but they are quick to hit up the 2-for-1 drink special any chance they get. But that’s none of our concern. *sips our sweet tea*

Back to the post at hand.

Coyote Blues’ signage has been removed and two dumpsters have been placed on the property in order to clean it out the restaurant. Also, many may not have seen this, but a sign with a tow-away warning has been placed at the entrance. This is most likely for those sneaky—I need VIP parking at the Olive Garden—folks. Need to make sure my walk to the car after all of those breadsticks and, of course, salad is a short one.

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The only other nugget of information provided to us is the owner’s name, which will remain private. It does appear to be a local owner, so there’s that.

Tentative opening date…two months, maybe? We will keep you updated.

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