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Former Capital One Bank Soon To Be Express OMV


The former Capital One at 3200 Johnston & Vital St. will soon be operating as an Express Office of Motor Vehicles – A Public Tag Agent.

To our knowledge, this is the 2nd Capital One Bank Branch to close in Lafayette in the past 8 years. As banking operations become increasingly mobile, and digital; the need for a physical presence beyond one or two locations is diminished. Personally, I rarely walk into a bank’s lobby. However, I, a young technology forward individual can live without a physical bank presence with the exception of using the ATM to deposit loose cash. But for many, using technology to facilitate banking transactions may still feel foreign, which is fine. That is why physical bank locations aren’t going away completely.

Now, about this Motor Vehicle Office. I had the chance to renew a vehicle registration at the Auto Title place on Arnould Blvd. That was pretty nice not having to wait three years in line at the official DMV in Carencro. If this new place is anything like that, then great, bring more of those into town.

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