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Faux Announcement For Whole Foods Development.


Dear Followers, Contributors & like minded folks. Today, an article was released by the Independent in relation to their article concerning Chipotle, J. Crew and a few other businesses. The article goes into saying that Chipotle, J. Crew and a couple other businesses are not confirmed for Lafayette as of right now. I know what you are thinking. How could this have been a false announcement? Well, according to The Independent Michael Ainbinder sent out a press release stating that such businesses were “committed to the project.”. The Press release >here< stats exactly what was said. You be the judge of what “committed” means. All I know is that I am upset at this news as I am sure you are too.

For those who have been following this page and site for any amount of time know that I try my best in posting accurate “Non-Rumored” findings. In this case The Independent went off of what should have been confirmations not rumors. Viewing The Independent as a reliable source for some of my intel I shared the news like anyone would. I personally feel terrible that this has happened and hope you guys don’t feel mislead. I respect my followers and do not want to be a rumor mill and lose your trust in my postings.

So Please accept my apologies for any frownie faces you guys may give me but I too am sad. If you would like to read any of the articles concerning this false announcement they will be linked below in the order that they happened. Also if any news does come about that IS factual I will surely let all of you guys know.

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