Electrify America EV Charging Stations Coming Soon To Acadiana


An initiative to ‘Electrify America‘ with public EV charging stations positioned roughly every 70 miles in the US has made its way to Acadiana at the Walmart in Breaux Bridge.

The EV charging stations will include six doubled-sided fast-charging stations, which will consist of 8 – 150kw ‘plugs’, and 4 – 350kw ‘plugs’. Typical install timeframe for EV stations is about a month without any technical issues. A local company, JEH Solar, has been contracted to install the charging station in Breaux Bridge.

• Highway sites will be located along high-traffic corridors between metropolitan areas, including two cross-country routes, and will include between four and ten 150kW and 350kW individual DC fast chargers at each location before June 2019.

• These sites will be located no more than ~120 miles apart and on average just 70 miles apart. Many shorter range EVs will benefit from 50kW DC fast charging on the Electrify America highway network, including any CHAdeMO equipped vehicles. —

The EV market is growing, and it is expected to increase with gaining demand for electric vehicles like the Tesla brand. Many other brands have their own line of EV’s like BMW, and Chevy for example.

To see a map of all of the public charging stations being installed across America, go to

Photos below are courtesy of of JEH Solar.

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