Downtown Lafayette

Eat St. Filming in Downtown Today


Louisiana has been a hot spot for filming and productions for a few years now. We have beautiful land, culture filled cities, bold & spicy food and our people are one of a kind. I could go on and on about how great our state is but I would be here all day and you guys don’t have all day. Moving along, a Food Network Canada production called Eat St. has been in Louisiana this past week filming in different cities capturing some of LA’s awesome street style food. Today, their stop is here in Lafayette, LA to capture the wonderful Viva La Waffle food truck.

They are scheduled to start filming at 12 p.m. and will be located at Parc Putnam (830 Lafayette St., Lafayette, LA). Viva La Waffle has stated on facebook that they want you to come out and show the world your waffle passion and wear your Viva gear! Viva will be serving some of there great creations like Bayou Banh Mi, Crawfish Grilled Cheese, Blue Crab Wonton Waffle, Viva Las Vegas as well as serving FREE Swamp Pop while their supply last. So get there early!

Check out the Eat St. website here –

Also go like Viva La Waffles facebook page –

The below photos have been used from Eat St. and Viva La Waffles sites.




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