Development Opportunities

Development Opportunity Feb’ 2017


From the start of DL, we have noticed many needs for new businesses and developments. One of those needs is highlighting vacant space for those looking to develop a new business or expand an existing business. With the help from our friends over at The Gleason Group, we are able to highlight a single hot opportunity every month that is up for grabs and help Develop Lafayette.

This month’s Development Opportunity is located at 1817 Bertrand Drive.

The area sees a fair amount of traffic and is super easy to spot. During my daily commute, I always notice this location and figured that it would be a great place for a new or expanding business. The rent is reasonable at little under $2k per month, which isn’t crazy in our opinion.

If you’re interested in developing this spot, get connected with our friends from The Gleason Group.

GleasonGroupPhotoThe Gleason Group was founded in 2012 by David A. Gleason. It has grown exponentially since then to become Acadiana’s number one commercial real estate group, offering a wide variety of real estate services from commercial sales and leasing to development and investment opportunities.

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