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Desperado’s Demolished in Carencro. What’s Next?


It’s been about a week or so since the Desperado’s in Carencro, 3730 NE Evangeline Thruway, was completly demolished. This is great news all on its own, but what’s next for this property?

We reached out to Carencro City Planning & Zoning and have at least found out what is potentially planned for the empty spot. 

The current owner of the property is seeking to buildout for a business, but the type of business isn’t known, yet. The unofficial word going around town is that it could be an Italian restaurant, not an Olive Garden, but a locally owned place. However, that is all speculative and should be taken as such. Would be a great addition to Carencro, especially now that Carencro has a couple of big traffic drivers in that area. 

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