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DejaBrew, Locally-owned Coffee House Now Open At Ambassador & Eraste Landry


A new locally-owned coffee house, called DejaBrew Coffee House, recently opened at 1517 Ambassador Caffery & Eraste Landry.

DejaBrew will offer a wide array of both coffee & non-coffee drinks, along with a mix of pastries to go along. Some of the drinks will include drip coffee, café au lait, red-eye, black-eye, breve, frappe, cold brew, and teas. DejaBrew will also serve up energy cocktails mixed with your choice of red bull or Lotus plant. They will also offer lemonade, smoothies, and Italian sodas, for non-coffee drinkers.

The company is founded by Laura & Joey Landry. Laura is originally from North Dakota who met Lafayette native, Joey. After being together for some time, the two decided that they would move back to Joey’s home state; a decision that would leave Laura missing her North Dakota coffee fix.

In the months leading up to the big move, Laura tries many of the local coffee shops in our area. She, jokingly blaming it on her ND roots, says that “the coffee I have had here is weak.” But there was one brand of coffee that Laura could not shack and that was Community Coffee, saying that “my husband got me hooked on it the day we met.”

“My love and obsession with coffee and finding the perfect drink for each individual is going to be the lead in what I do.”

Laura’s love for coffee led her to want to open a coffee shop that would deliver what she loves about coffee as well. So she set out to open a community coffee-based coffee shop and found that the company, Community Coffee, offered everything she needs to offer the menu for which she had planned. She notes that North Dakota’s coffee menu items differ from Louisiana’s options, drastically. Her menu reflects what she is familiar with in offering not only specialty coffee and teas but specialty energy drinks made with plant-based energy from Lotus plants.

For more about DejaBrew Coffee House, or to see photos and menu options, follow them at https://www.facebook.com/DejaBrew-Coffee-House-107310134369296/.

DejaBrew Counter
Drive-Thru Window
Nearby business, SO CRO, another recently opened business.

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