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Couret Farms Progress


I haven’t posted anything recently on Couret Farms but boy are they getting this place built up! I decided we would drive by there the other day just to see what progress has been made and they are coming along nicely. I am personally waiting for the shops to be built and to see what eateries will be housed here. These houses if you’re interested in them are starting I think around $169,900 and are if I’m not mistaken about 1065 sq ft starting out. Most of these homes will have a garage and a modern upscale home style similar to that of River Ranch. I personally love walking though River Ranch to see how extravagant some of the homes are and how their yards are landscaped! Some of them are beautiful and some are like…. Seriously? Do they really need that. But hey that’s none of my business right?! 🙂 if they worked for it then by all means spend your money how you want to. I know I want a nice house in the future instead of an apartment but one step at a time.

Here is the Facebook and site for Couret Farms.








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